Helps in weight loss

Change Your Look Boost Your Confidence

Only Way to lose weight is to achieve

Sustained Calorie Deficit

Calorie intake MUST be lower than Calorie used

Study has shown that most People Lose 5%-10% weight in first six months but regain or increase weight in 12-24 months because Calorie Deficit is Not Sustained

210-360 Kcal

One Hour Walk Uses

300 Kcal

Eating One Slice Of Cake Adds 257 Kcal

Change Your Look Boost Your Confidence

Exercise can increase Calorie burn but is not a solution

Choices you make have an impact

What would happen if you ate but Calorie was not fully absorbed??

6 Tablets with “Two Powerful Ingredients” help achieve Calorie Deficit



It is herbal extract and cuts Carbohydrate absorption by approximately 20%
It is clinically proven to be effective and safe. Our patented Manufacturing process ensures consistent high quality


Indigestible Dextrin

It slows down absorption of Glucose and fat
It is clinically proven and approved by FDA
Change Your Look Boost Your Confidence

How Salacinol and Dextrin work

Salacinol and Dextrin prevent absorption of Carbs and Fats
Change Your Look Boost Your Confidence

Less Carbs mean Less Insulin Required

Insulin has 3 actions one action is to Promote Fat build up

Change Your Look Boost Your Confidence

Take control of your Body, Try this Supplement

Helps cuts Carb absorption by approximately 20%. almost equal to one day of fasting

No Meal Replacement, Freedom to Eat,Stress Free Diet

Extracted in Water not Alcohol 100% Plan Origin, Suitable for Vegetarian/ Halal

Manufactured In Japan with Patented Technology, High Quality product

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